Germguardian 3 in 1 air cleaning System with True HEPA pure guardian digital AC4825 Odor Reduction, 22-Inch

it technically works very good as an air purifier if you receive one without faults. Therefor as with many other reviewers received a unit that emitted a very strong plastic outgassing smells that did not abate with time Many buyers who bought this item did a sniff test, and most of them noticed that the smell was coming from the top of the unit.

The design of the air filter is great, These units all run better on HIGH power than the lower settings, This unit has been running non-stop for over a year and is still quiet

This 3 in 1 System comes with UV-C Light, True HEPA Filter and Pre-Filter and Charcoal Layer.

The air filter or the cleaner is likely for use in a one or single room, closed room up to 155 square feet.

While the buyer bought this item they suggested that this item is very unique and they cooked fish and many other food stuff which can make really massive smell and it works really good and filtered air quick and may said it the Filters are extortion which led me to find a so inexpensive alternative to their insanely priced cleaned.

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